Somewhat stunned all day. Not getting much of anything done. Both kids slept in late again. I slept past nine, whether the cats liked it or not.

Made an appointment to have the water filter services. Sleepy service people. They don’t sound like they know what they’re doing. I’ve had that same impression before, too.

Ate a sandwich. Thinking about making some coffee.

Not a great month for money. Too many unexpected expenses. So even with some extra income, money has still been tight.

The two new cats have been more stressful than I had imagined. Haven’t been to the range much. Not pleased about that.

Next Monday I can finally finish the paperwork and pick up the 5.7×28 semi-auto. Looking forward to that. One more revolver, the 6″ Model 629, in the pipe after this purchase. Bought all four handguns back in February. At one-a-month, it’s taken a while.

Interested in a Ruger Vaquero. Wait and see about that.

Interested in an AK-47, too, just to possess one. Nothing says “fuck you” like an AK-47.

Still need to install the shades. And the window air conditioner.

Not much getting done today, however.



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