The Endless Parade of Bullshit


Palestine fires off unguided skyrockets and Israel pounds the shit out of Palestine via air strikes on a captive civilian population. The US is too cowed by Israel to utter a peep.

“ISIS” — some new Islamic group never before mentioned in the MSM

Suddenly endless stories about underage illegal aliens flooding across the border. What is this story meant to distract us from?

There was a US POW being held in Afghanistan for five years? And yet we never heard his name mentioned even once? That’s bizarre.

What happened to those 200 Nigerian girls who were kidnapped by “Boco Harum”, another Islamic bogey man?

What happened to WWIII starting in the Ukraine? That certainly evaporated quickly.

Where’s the missing Malaysian airliner? Vanished from the headlines, that’s for sure.

And on and on and one. One hysterical story after another, endlessly. Stories are never revisited. Just flashes and headlines.


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